Gain the Skills of a Lifelong Professional Tenkara Angler

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Bundle Benefits

  • Build a strong, proven, confidence-inspiring base for your Tenkara and river fly-fishing using Hirata-san's 50-years of professional experience (most anglers can't cut it without their gadgets and gizmos)

  • Tie your own horsehair casting line in just 20 minutes - and show your kids/grandkids/students how to do the same (Including  Hirata-san's Favourite Line TapersFull, Illustrated Instructions)

  • Connect directly with the roots of Japan's traditional fly fishing methods and join the community who carry on this tradition

  • Tie His Famous "No Vice" Flies (All Tying Steps shown in Full Color Diagrams) and how to present those flies like a professional "Shokuryoshi" (survival fly fisher)

  • See all of Hirata san's Fly Patterns that he Carries in his Fly Box (and How/Where to use them just like Hirata-san and his students)

  • Elevate your abilities with the best modern tackle by making sure you nail the fundamentals of "survival" tenkara

  • Uncover far greater respect for your capabilities by knowing you can work with even with the simplest flies and most basic tackle (which you can make from scratch if you need to)

  • The Onstream Video is Just a Small Fraction of the Knowledge Contained in the 10-piece set: The Keys to Applying Hirata-san's System are only Available inside the Members' Area Containing the Full Bundle...

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The information in this 10-piece bundle took 5 years and tens of thousands of dollars to obtain (and 6 months to assemble)

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Knowledge Weighs Nothing: Don't Let Your Fishing be One-Dimensional...

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 4x Videos, 3x Full Color E-books AND 3 x Audiobooks (plus updated articles, posts and discussions with us as the creators)